Benno Richter

Benno Richter, is a professional live, tour and studio bassist from Germany. He playes between 50-70 concerts a year and tours all over the world. His bass playing can be heard on more than 70 recordings and soundtracks. His musical styles range from soul, funk, pop, rock, neo-soul, hiphop, raggae to latin-jazz.
Benno has been working live / TV or in studios with: Jadakiss (DefJam) USA, Peter Schilling, Rolf Stahlhofen (Söhne Mannheims), Dante Thomas (USA), Mia Aegerter (CH), Gianna Nannini (I), Stefanie Heinzmann (CH), Louie Austen (AU), Patrick Nuo, Karl Frierson (DePhazz), Milk & Sugar, Dj Tomilla, Dj Friction (Freundeskreis), Sweet Soul Music (International Live-Shows), Michael Sagmeister, Johannes Faber, Nippy Noya, Dieter Falk, Dirk Bach, Manumatei, Kurt Dallaway.          PreJury (Popstars) TV Pro7, C. Simmons (Voice of Germany), Daniel Lopes & Nectarios Finalists of (DSDS) Germany Tour, to name just a few.

Because of his ambitions as a producer and songwriter, Benno has started to set up his own recording studio „Jam5Music“.


Electric Basses:

  • Sadowsky J/P - Bass 1993
  • Fender Jazz 1973
  • Fender Jazz 1966
  • Xotic 5String

Acoustic Basses:

  • Ortega 4String
  • Ortega 5String
  • Godin Fredless
  • Upright Bass

Amps & Box:

  • Aguilar 500sc
  • Gallien & Krueger 400
  • Markbass Mini 121P
  • Aguilar 4x10


  • Synth Korg-G5
  • Synth Akai-Deep Impact
  • Aguilar Filter Twin
  • Aguilar Compressor
  • DOD Envelope Filter
  • DBX 163x Mono
  • Ampeg SCP-OCT "Sub-Blaster"
  • Boss Octaver
  • SansAmp Bass Driver DI
  • Lehle D-Loop
  • PedalPower 8x